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Yamaha YXZ 1000R Super Charger

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Kits now shipping but due to the high number of orders call for availability and ETA.


If you want quick and responsive power that's about as easy to bolt on as an alternator kit then this is the kit for you. This kit has the low end grunt that the YXZ 1000R is lacking while also adding much more top end power. Designed and built to run on the OEM engine internals at 4-5 psi with pump gas. Uses a positive displacement roots super charger for building boost fast at low rpm's. Works on both the SS (sport shift) model and the standard transmission. 

Performance and features:

- 50+ hp gain to the wheels running 4-5 psi at high RPM on Pump gas

-Instance throttle response and huge torque gains

-Multiple pulleys available for different boost levels and elevations

-Shares some of the same features and designs as our full billet intake plenum used on our Premier YXZ 1000R turbo kit.

-100% bolt on in about 2-4 hours

-No fuel modifications necessary (all changes done from OEM ECU for better performance and hassle free tuning)

-Designed and built to run on the OEM engine internals at 4-5 psi with pump gas

-Modified boost ignition and fuel curves for super charger. Increased horse power, torque, and throttle response.

-Rev limit raised to 10800 rpm. (Stock is 10500 and 9500 in 5th gear)

-Radiator fan activates at lower temp 180 degrees for a cooler running engine.

-Top speed gains possible due to extended rpm and higher HP.

-Highly increased drive ability at low speeds and low rpm.



-Positive displacement roots super charger 

-Billet super charger mounting bracket

-Billet support arm w/bent tensioner pulley

-Intake track with Donaldson air filter

-Billet intake plenum

-Billet pulley

-Billet pulley shaft assembly with oil seal

-All necessary mounting hardware

-T-bolt clamps for all charge tubes

-ECU flash (requires your OEM ECU to be mailed to us for flashing)

-Air filter mount

-Piggy back fuel controller (Optional PC5 upgrade)

-50 page instruction manual



-Works with most aftermarket exhaust systems

-Optional PC5 piggy back fuel controller upgrade. Will require end user to add tune to PC5. 

-Most of the tuning is done through the stock ECU however an included piggy back fuel controller give you the ability to fine tune for any additional modifications you may have or add in the future.

-Connecting rods are a weak link on a YXZ and have failed even on bone stock YXZ's. There is always a risk of breaking an OEM rod with or without our supercharger. 

-May not work with some aftermarket alternator kits but does work with the Tube Works alternator kit.

-OEM connecting rods are a big weak point on the YXZ 1000R when generating more HP then stock use caution when doing any modifications to increase power as we do not guarantee or warranty the life of your engine. We assume no liability  

-This super charger kit requires your OEM ECU to be mailed to us for flashing

- Professional installation recommended.

- AFR gauges are recommended.

- For new engines we highly recommend that you break them in fully and properly before adding any boost. 

-Although we have been careful to supply you with the highest quality kit possible, we assume no liability for damage to unit or personal injury.

-Making any modifications to the UTV can result in vehicle damage, fire, and or personal injury. With any modification due so with extreme caution!

-No returns on super charger kits.

-Adding any aftermarket parts to your UTV may or may not void your Factory Warranty. We cannot be held liable for the loss of any factory or extended warranties. 

-At low boost levels not all boost gauges read the same. With the standard #1 pully we have seen at peak rpm boost numbers anywhere from 3-5 psi. 






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