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Kibblewhite 'White Diamond' Exhaust Valves for Can-Am 2017-19

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  • Material and workmanship for desired advantages
  • One piece forged Inconel®-751 Super Alloy offers uninterrupted grain flow for head stability
  • High Nickel content alloy is a must for extreme exhaust gas temperatures and turbo applications
  • Hard Chrome Plated to provide a compatible hard surface for Inconel®
  • “Super-Finished” stem allows for Formula 1 level coating consistency
  • Dimensionally controlled production tolerances for outstanding consistency
  • Every surface is either CNC machined or ground as top quality valves should be
  • Swirl polished or CNC machined profiles are Flow Bench tested for optimization
  • Street, Strip or Track. You are choosing extreme durability and performance


  • Sold in sets of 6 only

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